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February 20, 2024 2 min read

Finding the right travel pillow can change the game for your trips, turning the Sleeper Hold into as much of a travel essential as your carry-on. But let's face it, after a few journeys, it's going to pick up some dirt, dust, and the usual travel grime. Keeping it clean is crucial for that fresh, comfy feel every time you hit the skies (or the road).

Wondering how to get your Sleeper Hold looking and feeling fresh again? No worries, it's easier than you think.

Keep reading for 4 easy steps to keep your Sleeper Hold travel pillow clean, comfy, and ready for wherever your next adventure takes you.

  1. Disassemble with Care: First thing's first—gently take apart your Sleeper Hold travel pillow. This means separating the hooks from the mask and removing the pillow cover. It's like prepping for a puzzle; every piece needs to be laid out before you start so nothing gets lost!
  2. Laundry Time: Take your mask and pillow cover and place them in the washing machine. Choose a gentle, low cycle to ensure they remain in perfect condition. If you have a garment bag, use it for extra protection. If you don't, simply turn the pillow cover inside out, put the mask inside it, and zip it up. This is like giving your travel essentials a first-class spa treatment.
  3. Sunbath and Air Dry: Once the wash cycle's done, it's time for a natural dry. Skip the dryer to preserve the masks shape and softness. Instead, hang it along with the pillow cover to dry. 
  4. Reassemble: Now that everything's fresh and dry, let's put it back together. Here's a pro tip: go ahead and attach on the right hooks now, based on whether you're flying or road tripping next. It's a little shortcut that'll save you some time later on. Remember - plastic hooks for the road, metal for the sky. 
And there you have i! Four easy steps to keep your Sleeper Hold in tip-top condition, ensuring it's always ready for your next adventure with that just-washed, cozy feel. Safe travels!